Lesson 4: The Samaritan Woman.

Read: John 4:1-42.

Attributes of Christ:

1) Willingness to talk to a person who was of a different sex, social status, ethnic background, religious background, moral background.

2) Willingness to ask her for help.

3) Willingness to bring God into a discussion.

4) An ability to find a point of common interest and move on to matters of a spiritual nature.

5) Willingness to point out truths of an unpleasant nature.

6) Ability to put priority on the right things.

7) Urgency to do the will of God.

8) List any additional attributes you discover.

Lesson 4 Questions

1) What are some possible potential issues in studying with someone of the opposite sex?

2) Do you know of specific ways you may solve or overcome any or all of these issues?

3) Name some reasons why it may be hard for some persons to ask help from others.

4) Suggest good moments during a conversation when it would be good to bring God into the discussion, without being aggressive.

5) Can you think of specific circumstances when it is our duty to point out unpleasant truths, as Jesus did with the Samaritan woman?

6) What are some problems or dangers of doing it or not doing it?

7) What are some times or circumstances when we should NOT point out those or other such unpleasant truths?

8) How may we learn to put high priority on the right things?

9) How does one develop an urgency to do any part of the will of God?

10) Can one help others develop such an urgency? If so, how?

11) If one develops an urgency to do any part of God's will, does this automatically cause an urgency to do ALL of His will?

12) How does one determine which field is white for harvest?

13) What should be done about it? By whom? When?

14) What values are there in the realization that one may sow, another reap, and God gives the increase?

15) Is there a difference in the concept of willingness to SHARE truths and a willingness to TEACH truths? If so, what is it and what difference does it make?

16) If one should determine to be more Christlike by putting priorities on the right things, should one see any difference in DETERMINING WHAT those priorities are and ACTING on them?

17) If one sees a difference in the two activities above, what are some methods one can use in developing an ability to DETERMINE priorities? In developing an ability to act on them?

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