Lesson 1: About The Father's Business.

Read: Luke 2:41-52.

Attributes of Christ:

1) An enquiring mind.

2) A willingness to listen to others.

3) A willingness to talk about God's Law.

4) A deep understanding of God's Law.

5) An urgency to be about the Father's business.

6) Subjection to His parents.

7) An increase in: wisdom, stature and favor with God and others.

8) List any additional attributes you discover.

Lesson 1 Questions

1) What are some difficulties or values that might result from having an enquiring mind?

2) What are some methods or techniques by which you can develop in yourself or others an enquiring mind?

3) What problems have you observed in yourself or others in regard to listening to others--either to their problems or religious opinions?

4) How may one cultivate this willingness to listen?

5) Are there dangers or values in the concept of "sharing" as opposed to "teaching" as you talk to oters? If so, what?

6) What evidence do you have, in general, of our unwillingness to talk about the Law of God?

7) How may we overcome these failures?

8) How may we develop a deep understanding of God's Law?

9) What is the Father's business?

10) How extensive or limited is it?

11) How do we create in ourselves and others, an urgency to be about it?

12) What caused urgency in Jesus?

13) How does this relate to us?

14) Did Jesus indicate subjection to His parents or lack of it when He stayed behind?

15) What are some ways we may teach subjection to parents?

16) Are there some dangers or problems in teaching subjection to parents?

17) What is wisdom?

18) How does one get it?

19) What's the difference between wisdom and knowledge?

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