Lesson 2: The Baptism of Jesus.

Read: Matthew 3:13-17; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-23.

Attributes of Christ:

1) Desire to fulfill all righteousness.

2) Desire to please God.

3) Willingness to be identified with sinners.

4) A praying disposition.

5) List any additional attributes you discover.

Lesson 2 Questions

1) What is involved in the expression, "fulfill all righteousness?"

2) How does this relate to us?

3) Can we do or be anything that would in any sense "fulfill all righteousness?" If so, name a specific action that would help us to develop this attribute.

4) To what extent was the baptism of Jesus an example for us to follow? (That is, with respect to time of His life (age) attitude, place, manner, or purpose).

5) How do we determine when to follow an example in detail, such as to baptism in a river, feet washing, taking the Lord's supper in an upper room, etc?

6) Why was God pleased with Christ's action?

7) Would it please Him for ANY person to be baptized?

8) Why or Why not?

9) Are there kinds of persons who should NOT be baptized? If so, who?

10) If a person were to be baptized with a motive to please God, would that make his baptism valid? Why or why not?

11) What are some prerequisites to an acceptable baptism before God?

12) How can one develop an attitude of trying to please God in all things?

13) Can one learn to love God? If so, how?

14) How can we properly be identified with a sinner, if at all?

15) Are there advantages or dangers of such? If so, what?

16) How can we avoid the dangers, if any?

17) Are there problems relating to prayer in any area or situation, such as when, where, why, who, about what, how, etc? If so, what?

18) If so, do you have a specific method of overcoming those problems in an effort to develop a Christ-like mind?

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