Lesson 5: Christ Teaching & Preaching.

Read: Luke 4:16-22.

Attributes of Christ:

1) Custom of assembling to discuss the Scriptures.

2) Familiarity with the Scriptures.

3) Eagerness to preach the gospel.

4) Sympathy for the poor, captives, blind and oppressed.

5) The courage to tell what the Scriptures mean.

6) The ability to speak graciously.

7) List any additional attributes you discover.

Lesson 5 Questions

1) What are some attitudes, techniques or methods that will help us get more familiar with the Scriptures?

2) What are some things that produce eagerness to teach others about the gospel?

3) Which one of these can you control, develop or practice?

4) By what means may one develop sympathy for those who are poor, captive (in sin), blind (to the truth) and those who are oppressed?

5) What specifically can we do to help each one?

6) Jesus had the courage to tell His audience the truth about Isaiah’s message—it was about Jesus Himself! Although some were pleased to receive this knowledge, others were offended. How can we develop a courage to speak the truth about the Scriptures under uncomfortable circumstances?

7) How may we learn to speak graciously under all circumstances ? (Col 4:6).

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