Lesson 12: Overcoming Bad Traits.

Read: Luke 12:1-40; Matthew 10:16-39.

Attributes of Christ:

1) Abhorrence of hypocrisy.

2) Boldness.

3) Reverence for God.

4) Trust in God.

5) Seeking the Kingdom first.

6) Freedom from anxiety.

7) Being rich toward God.

8) Faithful service.

9) Watchfulness.

10) List any additional attributes.

Lesson 12 Questions

1) According to Jesus, what’s a reason for avoiding hypocrisy?

2) What are common fears of people some have?

3) What methods may we use to overcome those?

4) Should one obey God because of the fear of hell? Why or why not?

5) Is there a proper and improper fear of God? If so, explain.

6) Is there a relationship between fear and trust? If so, explain.

7) Does perfect love cast out all kinds of fear?

8) Is the same thing true for all perfect trust?

9) How many one develop genuine reverence for God?

10) What is covetousness?

11) How can one overcome it?

12) List some common things we are anxious about, but shouldn’t be.

13) How can one overcome anxiety?

14) How may one be rich toward God?

15) What is involved in seeking the Kingdom first?

16) How does one develop a spirit of watchfulness?