Important Life Lessons From Moses, Part 1

Lesson 1: "Love God Completely!"

Lesson Text: Deut 6:1-25.

Introduction: Deut 6:1-4

To Live A Good & Long Life One Needs To:

1)     Fear the Lord (One's self and his family must learn this).

2)     Keep and do all God's statues & commandments.

a)      Be careful to do them (then all will go well, and you will multiply)

I) I Must Love Him Completely!

A)     How To Love God (Deut 6:4-8; Jude 21).     

1)     With all one's Heart (Mind' mental ability). (Ps 119:97; Ps 19:14). 

2)     With all one's soul (Inner being/ emotions). (Ps 4:7).

3)     With all one's might (Will/ determination). (Mat 6:31-34).

4)     This Expresses Undivided Loyalty to God!

B)     Responsibilities Of Complete Love:

1)     Teach my family to love God completely (Deut 6:7-9; Prv 22:6). 

2)     Do not forget His love for you (Deut 6:10-12; Ps 103:1-22).

3)     Must understand and respect God (Deut 6:13-16; Jas 4:1-10).

4)     Be diligent (to keep commandments & do what's right) (Deut 6:17-19).

C)     Love Needs Foundation & Purpose

1)     Provide youth with solid spiritual foundation for their faith (Deut 6:20-25).

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