Lesson 11: Christ & Phariseeism.

Read: Luke 11:37-54.

Attributes of Christ:

1) Disregard of mere ceremonialism.

2) Courage to openly rebuke.

3) Willing to confront hypocritical leaders.

4) Stressed the purity of heart as more important than outward actions alone.

5) List any additional attributes.

Lesson 11 Questions

1) Do ceremonies have any importance? If so, what?

2) How do we distinguish between “ceremonies” and mere “ceremonialism?”

3) What is hypocrisy and why’d was Jesus so against it?

4) If one acts friendly, happy, etc. when one does not feel that way, is it hypocrisy? Why or why not?

5) Is telling less than all the truth about his situation hypocrisy?

6) Can one until ALL the truth about any situation?

7) How does one develop a hatred of hypocrisy?

8) What can be some problems with arms giving?

9) According to Jesus, how do you deal with or solve them?

10) What is wrong with wanting a good seat in the synagogue for church building or greeting in public places?

11) Is it wrong to want the praise of man? (consider John 5:44; 12:42-43; Romans 2:29; Galatians 1:10).

12) Do you want to be praised if you do a good job or look especially nice? If so, is that sin why or why not?

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