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If we want to have a great Sunday with the Lord and His Saints, why not plan for it?

We can begin by determining ahead of time, "No matter what happens on Sunday, I’m going to have and great day!"

First Things First

We must first plan to be there. When we really want to be somewhere we will usually do whatever is necessary to be there: We check our calendars and if need be, we clear them! We set money aside. We make reservations of various kinds. We check the weather conditions. We stake out the area for fun and entertaining things to do. Why is all of this important? Not only do we want to make sure we can go, but we also want to enjoy ourselves while we’re there.  Sunday’s shouldn’t be any different.

What Motivates Our Attendance?

Do we attend services on Sunday’s because we want to, we need to!? Or… do we attend out of mindless habit? When attendance is based upon clear purpose, there exists a deep and genuine fiery passion to have a great day!

Have Specific Goals In Mind

Bible Class is going to be great because I prepared ahead of time to engage with the class. My lesson is done, and I will be engaging by making positive comments and asking questions. I’m going to enjoy every prayer today: I look forward to communicating with God, with all the Saints. I’m going to listen very specifically and very carefully to every word of every prayer. I’m going to say “amen” because I genuinely agree with what was prayed for, not just because it’s a mindless habit. Today, my conversations at church will be more spiritually centered and edifying. I will avoid discussing football, shopping, etc. I will listen more. I will learn more from the sermon and the Lord’s supper today! I will give my full attention to the speakers, and Bible readers. I will put away my cell phone. I will put myself into the Bible text!

It's going to be a great Sunday!

-Charles Knight